Grade Entry

The heart of Gradebook is the Grade entry screen. We have built the most efficient user interface around for quickly capturing player grades. The user interface is touch friendly so you can utilize it on a tablet such as an IPad if desired. Simply watch your video using Hudl, DVSport or other standard video system on one screen or window and quickly tap your grades in for each player via the Gradebook user interface.

Main grading interface customized for you!

How do you grade? We’ve got you covered! With multiple options for style and value Performance Sporting Gradebook will take care of it. Do you need custom comments? No problem! we call them ‘Production Points’ and they too are 100% customizable on a per Position Group basis for you!

Production Point Customization Configuration.

Click here to read more about how Football Gradebook allows you to customize grading.

Once your grades are in place it’s time to use the information you have captured via Reporting.

Player Grade Detail Report

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